Friends Night Out Ideas (Aside From Partying)

Constant partying is ultimately fun but can get tiring at times. Since a night out with friends is always enjoyable, here are a few ideas you may want to try should you ever find yourselves in need of a new activity you can all do together.


1. Laugh Out Loud Together – Surely we all know that laughter is always the best medicine, and it is best shared with friends! The Cape Town Comedy Strip is a comedy hub of sorts created by rallying together a few of the cool spots on Cape Town’s famous Long Street. Meaning there are different venues for different schedules. On every last Tuesday of the month, the venue is at The Dubliner on 251 Long Street, on every first and last Wednesday, it’ll be at the Beerhouse on 223 Long Street, and every Thursday, you’ll get your laughs at the Iconic Lounge on 164 Long Street. Doors open at 8 pm and comedy starts at 8.30pm on all the scheduled nights. Tickets are for a really cheap price of R50 per night for each venue, but be sure to book ahead since tickets get sold out rather quickly. It is always best to check their Facebook page for updates and upcoming events.


2. Join A Quiz Night – Up for some brain exercises? Why not join a friendly competition while having a few drinks, and probably make some new friends in the process? Cape Town has a lot of venues for Quiz Night, let me share a few:

-Oblivion at 22 Chichester Rd, Claremont has been running trivia nights for 10 years and is a safe-bet for a solid good time. The game starts at 8 pm every Monday, requires 4 or fewer players per team and costs R20 per person.

-Beerhouse at 223 Long St, Cape Town City Centre offers lots of beer if you win and serves mouth-watering deep-fried meat. Quiz nights happen every Tuesday night at 7:30-9:45, requires 1-6 people per team and costs R30 per participant.

-House of Machines at 84 Shortmarket St, Cape Town City Centre features music-themed trivia nights that happen every Monday and starts at 8 pm. It costs nothing to join but has a first come, first served basis.


3. Escape the Night – No, I’m not telling you to end the night and go to bed, but rather, join a Live Escape Game! HintHunt aims to provide you and your friends an unforgettable and thrilling experience as you attempt to solve puzzles and open locks in a fast-paced hour where tons of fun and laughter are guaranteed. A group of 3-5 persons will be locked in a themed room and must find clues, solve puzzles and overcome tasks in 60 minutes or less. Check out their site for more details.